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Are you feeling confused and stuck with spraying?

Spraying is supposed to be faster and better but you find that it's taking you longer and causing you more problems...

I've been there and done that. Trust me, just like you I spent hours scrolling through YouTube videos looking for answers but still coming away confused. 

You don't need to struggle. I've done all of that so that you don't have to. You can skip all of those headaches and mistakes and learn everything you need to know in just 3 hours with this online course.  

So where can you find the solution?

You've found it! In this online airless spraying course, you'll get all of the answers you've been searching for broken down into easy to follow step-by-step videos.



“This online course has got me out of a few tricky situations on site recently when my brain needed a slight jog on a few things. The best part is that all the sections are broken down individually into bite size videos, for example if you are having trouble spraying some doors (like a did) you can jump straight to that section, trouble with the machine? There is a section for that and so on and so forth. All in all my experience with Jamie and The Abode Academy both in person and online is nothing but positive and I cannot recommend enough.”

Aiden Atkinson

“A really good and informative course liked the small bite sized videos, good to have on my phone for any trouble shooting things that may arise would recommend to anyone starting out or even more experienced decorators.”

Esther Whitaker

“We purchased the online course which is really good, it's full of tips to look back at if you're unsure. We have now booked to do the kitchen course in person.”

Wayne Lee

“I bought the online spraying course it is very informative and easy to understand. Everything I need to know is there and I can go back and have look when I need to, such a good deal.”

Michael Mckenna

Your dashboard

Easily navigate through the course sections and track your progress

Watch on any device, so you can easily follow along step-by-step whilst you're working onsite

Clear demonstration and product information

Know exactly what you should be using

After watching the online course you will ...

  • Spray walls, ceilings and woodwork faster

  • Grow confidence

  • Tape and mask quicker

  • Maximise your profits

Online course lessons breakdown

Learn how to spray the right way from start to finish and watch on any device

    1. 1. Health and safety intro

    2. 2. Q1 Masking tapes

    3. 3. Extension bars

    4. 4. Tips and guards

    5. 5. Airless sprayers

    6. 6. Spray filter and voltage

    7. 7. Troubleshooting airless

    1. 8. Taping floors

    2. 9. Floor protection

    3. 10. Masking floors

    4. 11. Taping windows

    5. 12. Masking windows with plastic

    6. 13. Masking windows with paper

    7. 14. Masking light switches

    8. 15. Masking sockets

    9. 16. Masking light fittings

    10. 17. Masking doors

    1. 18. Preparing sprayer for paint

    2. 19. Adding wall paint to sprayer

    3. 20. Testing spray pattern

    4. 21. Spraying system explained

    5. 22. What you need to know before spraying

    6. 23. Spraying technique

    7. 24. Spraying walls

    1. 25. Cleaning sprayer ready for ceiling paint

    2. 26. Adding ceiling paint to machine

    3. 27. Spraying technique for ceilings

    4. 28. Spraying ceilings

    1. 29. Cleaning sprayer and putting woodwork paint

    2. 30. Setting pressure woodwork paint

    3. 31. Spraying skirtings

    4. 32. Spraying windows

    5. 33. Spraying doors inside a room

    6. 34. Spraying doors outside the room

    7. 35. How to spray spindles

    8. 36. Spraying technique for spindles

    9. 37. End cleaning machine and pump armour

What is included in this offer?

Not only will you get full access to over 3 hours of step-by-step videos which you can keep forever, but you'll also get...

  • A personalised certification on completion.

  • Constant support - contact your trainer Jamie whenever you need help

  • Template terms and conditions document for sending to your customers with your quote to look more professional and set out your t's and c's before starting the work

  • Free website review to give you tips on how to get the work you want


  • Over 800 decorators trained

  • Masterclasses given at the biggest decorating show in the UK 

  • Live Spray Zone demo hosted at the first Trade Decorator Live event

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